Pendarovski: Investing in our police is an investment in our safe present and future

20 August 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed today the ceremony held at the Training Center in Idrizovo on the occasion of the promotion of new police officers.

President Pendarovski congratulated all new members of the Macedonian police for the successfully completed training and wished them success in their future work.

Below is the integral address of President Pendarovski.

Distinguished Minister of the Interior,
Distinguished members of the Macedonian police,
Distinguished representatives of the diplomatic corps,
Dear guests,
Dear friends,

Allow me first of all to thank you for the opportunity to attend and address today’s ceremony in the Idrizovo Training Center on the occasion of the promotion of new police officers.

This is undoubtedly an event of significant importance not only for the Macedonian police, but for the Republic of North Macedonia in general. The members of the Ministry of the Interior are guarantors of public order and peace, as well as our safety and security. In these past three decades we built a highly professional police force, encompassing the best and the most prepared, who perform their duties in a professional manner, with dignity and personal integrity, always available for the citizens and their needs.

Every new generation of police officers brings about new energy, dedication and determination. And in you, the new 590 police officers, men and women, we indeed see motivated and dedicated professionals who will perform their duties responsibly and consistently, thus serving their country and protecting the life and property of your fellow citizens.

As of today, the security and safety of the entire community, but also the preservation of peace and wellbeing of the citizens will be in your hands. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion, you all wear the same uniform; you are part of the same institution and you will jointly fight against our country’s common enemy, which is crime. If you are ready; if you show solidarity and if you provide the maximum self-sacrifice, I have no doubt in my mind that you will indeed give your best in performing your duties towards the service and the homeland.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are living in complex times which require constant vigilance and continuous engagement. Just like the entire world, we are also feeling the consequences of wars, conflicts, the pandemic, energy and financial crises and tensions in international relations. The COVID-19 pandemic which is not over yet and represents an opean threat to the health of our citizens has put our healthcare workers to the test, but also all those employed in the MOI. Around the clock, our police was in charge of the implementation of restrictive measures, curfews, compulsory quarantine, all in function of preventing the spread of the virus and protecting the most vulnerable.

This summer, just as in the years before, our police has been available to assist tackling the wildfires, preventing their spread and endangering human lives. Members of the Macedonian police are also protecting our borders and prevent smuggling migrants which, although now with a lower intensity, has never actually stooped. Macedonian police has a key role to play in the suppression of organized crime as a serious challenge, but is also trained to counter other threats such as terrorism, hybrid threats and cyber-crime.

Having in mind the complex tasks that the laws have vested in the Ministry of the Interior, it is an absolute prerequisite to continue improving the work conditions for police officers, allowing for expert trainings in order to perfect their skills and knowledge. In that, of course, a fair financial appreciation of their invested effort is of crucial importance. I do believe that we have reached a consensus on these issues as well as an understanding that the investment in our police is an investment in a safe present and future.

At the end, allow me once again to congratulate all new members of the Macedonian police on the successful completion of their training and to wish them every success in their work ahead. Of course, apart from professional advancement and development, I wish to extend my best wishes for health and happiness to you and your families.

Thank you.




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