President Pendarovski visits the Delchevo-Pehchevo region

6 August 2021 | Press Releases

The President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Stevo Pendarovski, visited this evening the members of the Army in the Operational Center of the First Infantry Brigade in the village of Trabotivishte, Delchevo, which was one of the most critically affected areas in the country.

The members of the Army informed President Pendarovski about the activities in the past few days and their responsibilities as support in extinguishing the fires in this area.

“What I heard last from the last Army briefing is that the situation is under control, which is good. I hope the weather conditions, less wind, in the coming days will be in our favor.”Otherwise, we could not control it on our own. The Army practically coordinated the joint efforts of the various institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia, but I must also thank the countries that helped us in the efforts”, President Pendarovski said.

President Pendarovski said that in this region in the past 4-5 days there are many fires and therefore the army units are concentrated here.

“There are about 250 soldiers of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, they will stay here as long as needed, if there is a need even more troops will be deployed. I think that at this moment, in terms of human resources, we are well equipped, we have support from other institutions, of course, it is not only the Army, and with joint efforts I think we are keeping the situation under control as long as necessary”, President Pendarovski added.

President Pendarovski stressed the importance of the assistance and support provided by the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Serbia. Thanking for the support from the European Union, i.e. from the Agency for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid, President Pendarovski said that the country, this morning, gained access to the common EU satellite system, which will significantly contribute to early warning of fires in the country.





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