President Pendarovski addresses the meeting on the occasion of November 5 – International Romani Language Day

5 November 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of November 5 – International Romani Language Day, participated and addressed today the virtual meeting “November 5 – International Romani Language Day, the need for institutional support for the study, use and preservation of the Romani language”.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski congratulated the Roma community in North Macedonia on the occasion of November 5 – International Romani Language Day, saying that preserving the mother tongue is an obligation and an important treasure for the existence, culture and tradition of every nation.

Hence, President Pendarovski stressed the importance of institutional support for the study, use and nurturing of the Romani language, which is also a contribution to strengthening the multiethnic society of North Macedonia.

“Your efforts, as teachers and professionals who contribute to the affirmation of the Romani language in education, are crucial to ensuring fair access to education for all students without exception. We, the politicians, have an obligation to listen to you and together with you to propose appropriate policies”, President Pendarovski said in his address.

In this regard, President Pendarovski expressed clear support for the efforts of teachers and all other stakeholders in the Roma community to make the Romani language mandatory, starting from the first grade, the Roma culture to be an optional subject for non-Roma children, and support for re-opening of the Romani language department.

In the spirit of multiculturalism, all communities living in North Macedonia need to have space for expression and creation in their mother tongue, Pendarovski said. Thereby, the improvement of the overall educational process of Roma children and the provision of appropriate conditions are of key importance for the further nurturing of the Romani language.

The President said to the participants of the meeting that guided by and respecting the principle of non-discrimination, equality and rule of law, every member of the Roma community should enjoy equal opportunities and rights, as a prerequisite for a dignified life. In that direction, our country will continue its substantial efforts to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Roma ethnic community.




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