President Pendarovski and his wife Gjorgievska attended the “Galichnik Wedding”

18 July 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, together with his wife, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, attended today the 47th edition of the event “Galichnik Wedding”, which is held under his auspices. During the weekend, the traditional wedding customs and rituals were held, which abound with authentic costumes, original songs and dances, typical of the Mijak folklore.

Congratulating the marriage of this year’s newlyweds, Katerina Ilievska and Filip Bundovski, who originates from Galichnik, President Pendarovski and his wife Gjorgievska presented them with a “Galichnik Buckle”, a motif of the Galichnik costume and wished them a long and harmonious life together, a lot of love, health and happiness.

The event “Galichnik wedding” with its existence contributes to nurturing the unique wedding customs and rituals of the inhabitants of this area, to preserving the original songs, dances, and the well-known Galichnik costume made with filigree precision and tailoring accuracy.

The official start of this year’s Galichnik wedding was marked yesterday with the hoisting of the wedding flag and the symbolic act of “throwing three rifles” from the groom’s house, and the ceremony ended today with the sending of the Majovci group.




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