President Pendarovski and his Wife meet with representatives of the “SANO” association, winners of the “November 13” award

20 November 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski and his Wife, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, received today in Villa Vodno representatives and volunteers from the “SANO” association, winners of the “November 13” award in the field of humanitarian activity.

The representatives of the association introduced President Pendarovski and his Wife with the activities they undertake to support and improve the quality of treatment and lives of sick children and their families.

President Pendarovski and his Wife extended sincere congratulations on the award, pointing out that “SANO” is an example of humanitarian work and civic association.

“Your personal examples should be an inspiration for all of us to build a better and more inclusive society together”, President Pendarovski said, adding that the award is not big enough to correspond to the real value of every act of humanity.

“The “November 13” award, in addition to being well deserved, is a great confirmation of your sacrifice so far and the trust you have gained. Your support is especially important to the children who are being treated”, the Wife of the President said at the meeting.

The “SANO” association works with the families of children with malignant diseases in order to provide logistical and psychological support in the treatment of children. “SANO” has a network of parents and volunteers who help families in the health system, share experiences of people who have already undergone medical treatments, provide psychological support where needed.

Last year, “SANO” opened the Parents’ House, which houses parents whose children are being treated at the Clinic for Children’s Diseases.

“The magnitude and weight of the “November 13” award is that it recognizes the hard work of children, of young people who have overcome the disease, who have faced and overcome fear of talking about it, and who have returned to help children with vulnerable health, a situation in which they themselves were a few years ago”, the President of “SANO”, Marija Tasev, said.

“SANO” young volunteers received full support from President Pendarovski and his Wife Gjorgievska for their humanitarian work and told them not to give up. At the same time, President Pendarovski emphasized that, in addition to individuals and private companies that donate within their capabilities, for associations such as “SANO”, it is necessary to provide support from the state.





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