President Pendarovski at “Macedonia 2025”: Most profitable investment is investment in education

3 December 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski participated today in the Macedonia 2025 Summit, which is held for the first time in a hybrid format and is dedicated to the situation in the world during and after the global health and economic crisis.

At the panel discussion on “The President and Successful Youth: Innovation and Coding”, President Pendarovski said that structural reforms are needed in the education process and investment in research and development, innovation and new technologies, i.e. investment in the professions of the future.

“I will recall a saying that I heard from my teachers and professors, and that is that the most profitable investment is the investment in education”, said President Pendarovski.

In this regard, as President Pendarovski stressed, the Macedonia 2025 Summit is a contribution to strengthening the partnership between state, science, business community and civil society.

As positive examples, President Pendarovski pointed to the projects “Talents Today, Leaders Tomorrow”, the Presidential Center for Political Education, as well as “Successful Youth”, which aims to encourage scientific and research work of young people and value their work.

“Young scientists, engineers and innovators are the backbone of the development of any economy. Therefore, we need to create conditions for young professionals to take their places in education, in institutions and in companies”, President Pendarovski said.

Regarding the innovative projects that were presented by talented students from primary and secondary schools, President Pendarovski said that they are the future of our country.

“In order to prepare young people for the professions of the future, we need to invest in modern education, and the key specifics of what is called Education 4.0. is acquiring innovative, creative and technological skills”, President Pendarovski concluded.

At the same time, as President Pendarovski added, the support of the state is crucial. Otherwise, President Pendarovski said, “young people will not have the conditions to develop their innovative ideas”.

Today’s debate ended the ninth edition of the Macedonia 2025 Summit, which serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, connecting businesses and fostering change in the region of Southeast Europe.






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