President Pendarovski attends and addresses the traditional “Galichka Wedding” event

14 July 2019 | Speeches

Respected guests,

I am honored and pleased to be the patron of this year’s Galichnik Wedding, not only as President, but because I myself come from Galichnik.

Every summer, the Galicnik Wedding allows us to indulge in a very important part of the mosaic of our multiethnic, multilingual and multi-religious society. In these joyful days, we will follow the wedding procession, we will be reminded of the authentic customs, colorful costumes, wedding songs, Mijak folklore and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Many years ago, on this day, the day of St. Peter, in Galichnik, there were about forty weddings in the church of “St. Peter and Paul”. Today, we are witnesses of the vow of Ognen (Karagjozovski) and Marina (Petrovska).I wish harmony, love and understanding in your future life together! I wish the joy of one spouse to add to the joy of the other and your hard times to be twice as small, as the burden of one spouse will be borne by the other! I wish you wonderful children to rejoice together! May happiness be always around you!

I hope this unforgettable experience will inspire many other young people, originating from the picturesque Galichnik, to continue this wonderful tradition that enriches the European culture as well.

I believe that we should not be satisfied with a few days’ event held only in one place, only once a year. We need to use these events as an opportunity to restore life in rural places across the country, to develop alternative tourism, to invest in organic food production, and thus offer unusual experience to domestic and foreign guests. I believe the potentials are huge; we just have to be like the people from Galichnik – creative, hardworking and courageous.

Thank you.




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