President Pendarovski attends the ceremony marking the day of the Joint Operational Command

17 October 2019 | Meetings, Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Stevo Pendarovski, attended today the military ceremony marking October 17, the day of the Joint Operational Command, at the “Boro Menkov” barracks in Kumanovo.

President Pendarovski attended the act of saluting the flag and intoning the anthems of the state and the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia. Together with members of the Army and other guests, President Pendarovski, with a minute of silence, paid tribute to the fallen fighters for our country, as well as to the fallen members of the Army.

In honor of the Joint Operations Command Day, Army members were honored and praised at the ceremony, who have shown exceptional dedication over the past year, to whom President Pendarovski sincerely congratulated on their engagement.

The Unit’s goal is to train the Army forces on defense and territorial integrity and on the country’s broader interests, as well as to participate in peace support operations, conflict prevention and crisis management operations in international organizations. The Joint Operational Command consists of a mechanized infantry and aviation brigade, a logistics support brigade, liaison and military police battalions, and a reserve force command.

At “Boro Menkov” barracks, President Pendarovski met with several generals in the Army. On the eve of the full membership of North Macedonia in NATO, the focus of the talks was on the situation and readiness of our Army. In this regard, the interlocutors agreed that our Army is equal to the armies of the other member states of the Alliance and that the membership of North Macedonia in NATO will rapidly contribute to an even greater strengthening of the Army’s capabilities.




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