President Pendarovski awards the “Successful Youth” award

23 December 2020 | Press Releases, Successful Youth

President Stevo Pendarovski awarded today the “Successful Youth” award to 8 winners, as part of the project initiated to encourage scientific, research and creative work of young people in the country.

President Pendarovski, in his address on the occasion of presenting the award, expressed confidence that this initiative will contribute to the appreciation of the work and knowledge of young people, increasing the motivation for new achievements of young scientists, talents, artists, creative youth and will encourage them to continue to invest in hard work and develop their talent.

“There are very successful, creative young people who are the future of our country. I expect them to take their place in society, to be part of education and scientific institutions, companies, creative industries and to contribute to our society”, President Pendarovski said.

“If their professional career still takes them beyond the borders of our country, I wish that they continue to be connected not only emotionally but also professionally with their homeland by initiating and launching projects, joint programs and other modalities of cooperation. Our greatest resource is the human potential and that is why we must not give up so easily”, President Pendarovski said.

In that regard, he emphasized his personal commitment to launch and support initiatives and projects aimed at reducing brain-drain, to create prospects for young and successful people to stay and build their careers in North Macedonia. That, President Pendarovski said, should be the goal of every institution and all those who make decisions and create policies.

This year’s holders of the “Successful Youth” award expressed satisfaction that their professional achievements are recognized and valued by our country, especially given the strong competition in all 8 categories. The winners of “Successful Youth” award thanked President Pendarovski and the Commission, noting that these awards are an additional incentive and motivation to continue with professional development, each in his field.

The “Successful Youth” award is awarded for the first time. Out of total 79 applications for the past calendar year for results achieved according to the eight categories, Anastas Vangeli, Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of sociology, was chosen for best young scientist in the field of social sciences; he is a Professor at the Chinese-European Business Studies at the School of Commercial Sciences from Angers, France. Best young scientist in humanities is Borce Arsov, Doctor of Philological Sciences in the field of Macedonian language. He is currently working at the Institute for Macedonian Language “Krste Misirkov” as a research associate and is engaged at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. Best young scientist in natural sciences, mathematics and technology is Kimet Jusufi, whose field of research is gravity and quantum mechanics. He is currently a professor of physics at the “Gostivar” High School in Gostivar and an assistant professor at the State University of Tetovo. Best young medical scientist is Monika Gjorgjieva, who received her PhD from Claude Bernard Lyon University 1. She is currently focused on non-genomic molecular changes in the liver that can lead to development of tumors in this organ. Best young innovator is Vesna Bacheva, who graduated from the world-famous Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland, and completed her Master’s thesis at IBM Research in Zurich, one of the twelve IBM laboratories in the world. In the category of young talent, for high school students, the “Successful Youth” award was awarded to Angela Buseska who won gold and silver medals for best debater at the International Olympics World Scholar’s Cup and Owlypia. She is also a lover of mathematics, and has conducted several studies in the field of ecology, physics and chemistry so far. The winner of the recognition for achieved special success and affirmation of the inclusion for young people with disabilities is Ardian Shabani, who is an active athlete in the “Active Life” association in Tetovo and a member of the Sports Federation of North Macedonia. Ardian won bronze and silver medals in two different categories at the World Special Games in Abu Dhabi last March. Simona Dimkovska was chosen as best young artist, who after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture in 2015 graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje. Her list of awards includes last year’s award for young actress for the roles she played in the play “Physics of Sorrow”, an award from the Macedonian Theater Festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski”.

The selection of holders of the award is made by a special commission composed of 23 members, including academics from MANU, renowned professors in the field of natural, technical and social sciences from universities in the Republic of North Macedonia and from abroad, experts in the fields of medicine, business community and culture.




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