President Pendarovski lectures at the Faculty of Law at the “Goce Delchev” University in Shtip

13 December 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project, visited Shtip today, where he delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Law at the “Goce Delchev” University.

President Pendarovski spoke before the students who are studying Political System and Theory of State and Law on the topic “Practical Aspects of the Competences and Functioning of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

President Pendarovski informed the students of the terms and method of election, competences of the institution, rights and duties set forth in the Constitution and laws.

The President also answered students’ questions regarding various aspects of his function, the legal regulation, as well as about the current situation in the country and the region.

Asked about the situation in Kosovo, the President said that, in the region, the tensions in the northern part of Kosovo have been on the rise in recent days and that he is receiving questions in that regard as to whether he is considering to convene the Security Council. The President explained the students that there is a NATO mission there which includes 65 soldiers from our country in the last 2 years, together with about 20 other participating nations, and that in a conversation with the commander of that mission, he was assured that there would be no escalation of any kind by any side.

“Therefore, I see no reason for the people to panic and to convene the Security Council. There is a NATO mission there that has all the powers and both sides of that potential dispute respect the NATO mission”, President Pendarovski said.

Regarding the reports of bombs, President Pendarovski said that cybercrime is difficult to prove and that it takes time, but that in terms of operational measures taken, children in schools are safe, that there is 24-hour monitoring of schools and institutions and that the authorities take all the necessary actions.

“For court decisions, I think we will wait and it will be more difficult, but in terms of specific measures to protect our population, I am sure that we are doing everything we can within our competences and possibilities”, President Pendarovski said.

Earlier, President Pendarovski held a meeting with the Rector of the “Goce Delchev” University, Prof. Dr. Dejan Mirakovski, who took office this year. At the meeting, President Pendarovski was introduced to the current work of the University, as well as to the planned activities in the next period. President Pendarovski wished Rector Mirakovski a successful performance of his duty.







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