President Pendarovski meets with a group of citizens

28 March 2022 | Meetings

Today, at their request, President Stevo Pendarovski received a group of citizens, residents of “Pitu Guli” Street in Skopje, regarding the construction works carried out in the immediate vicinity of this street. The lawyer Suzana Joshevska – Atanasovska, who is the legal representative of the concerned citizens, explained the position of the citizens, property owners located on “Pitu Guli” Street with a direct legal interest in this case.

The property owners on “Pitu Guli” Street, Vodno, with a direct legal interest, believe that their normal living and interests would be affected by the building permit for the DUP Gradska Cetvrt J07, issued by the Municipality of Centar. According to them, the issued building permit is contrary to the detailed urban plan and contrary to the maximum height of the building allowed in the plan.

President Pendarovski stressed that he expects the state institutions at central and local level to act in favor of the public interest and the functioning of the rule of law, in order to protect the rights of citizens.




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