President Pendarovski meets with Academician Gligor Cemerski’s wife and daughter

12 February 2022 | Meetings

President Stevo Pendarovski had an informal meeting with the wife and daughter of academician Gligor Chemerski, one of the most important contemporary Macedonian artists and author of two mosaics housed in the President’s Cabinet.

The meeting discussed the valuable artistic work of Academician Cemerski, inspired by expressionism and Orthodox icons, which made him leave a mark in contemporary Macedonian art.

The grandiose diptych “Macedonia – the Bright Country” and “Macedonia Remembers” adorns the two opposite walls in the Mosaic Hall in the President’s Cabinet. The first mosaic presents the beauty and life in our country from ancient times to the present day and contains three suns, amphitheaters and masks, zurnas and drums, flora, while the second mosaic presents the cultural heritage with the characters of Saints Cyril and Methodius and Clement and Nahum , the Glagolithic and the Cyrillic alphabet, the player from Stobi framed in the geometric forms circle and square, as well as the locality Kokino. Numerous foreign delegations and guests who came to the President’s cabinet got acquainted with the art and cultural wealth of our country through these mosaics.




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