President Pendarovski meets with Mike Zafirovski and representatives of “Macedonia 2025”

20 May 2022 | Meetings

President Pendarovski received today Mike Zafirovski, co-founder of “Macedonia 2025”, together with representatives of the organization.

The meeting discussed the conclusions and initial reactions following the 11th edition of the “Macedonia 2025” summit, which focused this year on accelerated digital transformation, regional cooperation and innovation.

President Pendarovski thanked Mike Zafirovski and the other members of “Macedonia 2025” for their commitment to contribute to the Macedonian economy, encouraging new generations of business leaders, necessary for the development and future of North Macedonia.

The interlocutors at the meeting expressed confidence that “Macedonia 2025”, together with state institutions, civil society, academia and business community can contribute to overcoming modern economic challenges in our country.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski handed over Macedonian citizenship to Mike Zafirovski. Zafirovski is a successful world businessman of Macedonian origin who lives and works in the United States. Together with other businessmen from the Diaspora, he is the founder of the organization “Macedonia 2025”, which aims to encourage economic development and attract foreign investors to North Macedonia.




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