President Pendarovski meets with Red Cross volunteers: You are embodiment of solidarity in its best

10 April 2020 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, met and talked with several volunteers at the premises of the Red Cross today.

Stressing the importance and contribution of the thousands of Red Cross volunteers, at the meeting, President Pendarovski congratulated them on their engagement, motivation and sacrifice in these difficult times for our country. He pointed out that their will and desire to provide services voluntarily and to help vulnerable citizens is especially important, without any material or financial gain.

It is a pleasant surprise, as President Pendarovski said, that thousands, mostly young, people are helping the ones in need.
“I am glad that you do not have any prejudices and that you show that solidarity is not lost. You restore the belief that not everything is lost, that humanity exists. I am delighted with what you are doing. I can only ask you to persevere, as this situation is likely to continue in the coming period. I know it is not easy. I want to thank you, as a person, not as president. This is solidarity in its best. Just keep doing that”, President Pendarovski said at the meeting with the Red Cross volunteers.
At the same time, President Pendarovski talked via video link today with representatives of the operational center, with the teams of the municipal organizations of the Red Cross of Karposh and Bitola. President Pendarovski also heard about the experience so far in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic of the Red Cross team that provided assistance and support to migrants and refugees housed in the transit center in Tabanovce.

“Huge gratitude for all the efforts you have made so far in this crisis. I would ask you, because it is more difficult for you than all the other citizens to continue your engagement because you are an excellent example for all of us, how we should act when it is difficult for all of us. You are a shining example”, President Pendarovski told the Red Cross teams.

During the visit to the Red Cross, President Pendarovski was introduced to the series of activities implemented by this organization during the dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, thus contributing to the community and promoting civic and social responsibility. The activities, according to the Red Cross officials, are carried out exclusively with the help and support of about 7,500 volunteers, and include the purchase and delivery of food and medicine, payment of bills, assistance and support to migrants and refugees, homeless, as well as any kind of assistance to older citizens.

During today’s visit to the Red Cross, President Pendarovski also received a volunteer booklet and became part of the organization’s volunteer team. Moreover, President Pendarovski donated blood today, emphasizing that blood donation is the highest level of solidarity.




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