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The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, met with representatives of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents; the meeting was also attended by the Minister of Justice, Renata Treneska Deskoska.

The meeting discussed the proposed amendments to the Law on Enforcement, as well as the proposals for a special legal solution to limit the maximum amount of interest on the debt, the introduction of the institute “personal bankruptcy” and the term of limitation of claims, in particular the introduction of an absolute limitation period.

The representatives of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents stated at the meeting that they are satisfied with the legal changes that provide for writing off two types of debts, i.e. the debts of the citizens to the public enterprises, as well as writing off the debts of the public enterprises to the state authorities. But they emphasized that not all legislative changes must be to the detriment of the enforcement as an important segment of the functioning of the rule of law.

For his part, President Pendarovski reiterated his view that every legal solution should be in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia only.