President Pendarovski meets with representatives of the Macedonian Gorani community

14 October 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today a delegation of the Macedonian Gorani Community from Kosovo consisting of: Avnija Rahte, President of the community, accompanied by Kenan Skendaroski and Ace Dimoski.

The representatives of the Macedonian Gorani community informed President Pendarovski about their activities for protection and affirmation of the Macedonian ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and historical identity, continuity and heritage of the Macedonians in Kosovo.

President Pendarovski welcomed the activities of the Macedonian Gorani community aimed at building ties between North Macedonia and Kosovo, the efforts to contribute to building a multiethnic and multicultural society through various initiatives for affirmation of the Macedonian community in Kosovo.






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