President Pendarovski meets with the management of the SASA Mine and Zvonko Stoimenovski, the Best Miner for 2020

1 September 2020 | Meetings


President Stevo Pendarovski received today a delegation of the SASA Mine from Makedonska Kamenica, led by General Manager Oleg Telnoj. Besides the management of the company, Zvonko Stoimenovski, the Best Miner for 2020 in the SASA Mine, was also present at the meeting.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski congratulated Zvonko Stoimenovski for the Best Miner for 2020 award, assessing that in mining, as one of the most difficult professions, a key link to success, in addition to technology, is the hard work and courage of the miners. President Pendarovski expressed gratitude for the overall work of the miners and the results they achieve, as an investment in the Macedonian economy.

At the meeting, the management of the SASA Mine introduced President Pendarovski with the current work of the company, in conditions of a pandemic, the planned investment activities, as well as the investments in the community. According to the company’s management, despite all the challenges posed by the current pandemic, the SASA mine continued to produce lead and zinc safely, in line with the production plans, while maintaining the focus on investing in the state-of-the-art technology, employee safety and environment security and protection.

President Pendarovski praised the results achieved by the company and wished them success in their future work.







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