President Pendarovski receives a delegation from the Party of Democratic Action of Macedonia (SDA)

27 October 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today a delegation from the Party of Democratic Action of Macedonia (SDA), led by the President of the party, Jelal Hodzic, which also included a representative of the SDA from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Admir Mulaosmanovic.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski was introduced to the activities and commitments of the party in order to further advance the rights and interests of the Bosniak community, as well as the cooperation they have with the SDA from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosniak parties from the region.

President Pendarovski said that Bosniaks, as an integral part of Macedonian society, have a significant contribution to the country’s democratic and economic progress. At the same time, he reaffirmed his support for the efforts to advance the rights of all ethnic communities in the country, according to their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

During the talks, opinions were exchanged about the current political developments in the country and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as about the situation in the wider region.





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