President Pendarovski receives members of the Army involved in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

30 April 2020 | Meetings, Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, received today in “Villa Vodno” members of the Army, who are participating in dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19.

These are members of the Army, engaged in Debar, Centar Zupa and Kumanovo, in the crisis areas on the northern and southern borders and in securing facilities intended for quarantine accommodation.

In the conversation with President Pendarovski, the members of the Army shared some of their experiences, informing him on the excellent cooperation with the local population during their engagement in the past two months. The interlocutors expressed satisfaction that none of the members of the Army became infected with COVID-19 during the execution of their duties in the crisis areas.

President Pendarovski thanked all members of the Army for their efforts in dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19 and the support they provide to the institutions, especially to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior and local self-government units. President Pendarovski stressed that the members of the Army, without exception, are always among the first to provide assistance and support in crisis situations, often helping in tasks that are primarily responsibility of other institutions. Thanks to your professionalism and commitment in fulfilling the tasks, said President Pendarovski, North Macedonia today is a member of NATO, and the Army continuously enjoys the highest trust among citizens.

“As Commander-in-Chief, I am proud of your selfless efforts, high professionalism, discipline and dedication in these difficult times. Your willingness to help where needed the most should set an example for all of us. In the moments when the whole world is facing the pandemic of COVID-19, you show us how important it is to be in solidarity with each other and to help each other. Thank you for your dedicated work”, President Pendarovski said at the meeting with the members of the Army.




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