President Pendarovski receives members of the Macedonia – Turkey Chamber of Cmmerce, MATTO

5 September 2019 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, received members of the Macedonia – Turkey Chamber of Commerce, MATTO.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski stressed the support of the Turkish companies for the Macedonian economy and their direct contribution to improving the citizens’ standard of living.

President Pendarovski said he will focus on improving the economic situation in the country, as it is necessary to focus more on the economy, given that every politician’s task is to work exclusively in the interest of the people.

“In a few months, with the full-fledged membership in NATO, our country will complete its security and become a country with a predictable future. I know that for any potential investor, the stability of the country is a key prerequisite. It is equally important that the country does not have bilateral issues open with its neighbors. North Macedonia has done its job in this segment as well”, President Pendarovski said.

Representatives of Ramstore, TAV Macedonia, Halk Bank, Cevahir Holding, City Plaza, Bis Oil, Eurolink and Dairy Sutash welcomed President Pendarovski’s openness, as well as his willingness to replace political debate in the country with discussion.

They said that they represent a bridge between North Macedonia and Turkey and that there is room and mood for even greater economic cooperation. The companies informed President Pendarovski that in the last decade Turkey’s investments in the country have reached USD 2 billion and that the trade exchange between the two countries is over USD 5 billion.

Businessmen urged President Pendarovski to continue to strive for political stability and political predictability in the country, as it encourages companies to increase investment.

President Pendarovski said he would push for theoretical and practical improvement of the Free Trade Agreement that the two countries signed nearly 20 years ago, bearing in mind that it would further increase trade between North Macedonia and Turkey, aimed at improvement in the citizens’ standard of living.




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