President Pendarovski receives the credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to the Republic of North Macedonia

25 September 2019 | Meetings, Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, received today the letters of credence by Georg Woutsas, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to the Republic of North Macedonia.

At the ceremony of presenting the credentials, President Pendarovski noted that the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Austria this year celebrate 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, a period in which they continuously build friendly and partnership relations in many areas of mutual interest. Bilateral relations are successfully developing, President Pendarovski said, as is demonstrated by Austria’s numerous investments in our country.

“The Republic of Austria is one of the most important economic and trade partners of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as the first foreign investor in our country with total investment exceeding EUR 550 million. The presence of numerous Austrian companies on the market of North Macedonia and the frequent business contacts, as well as the activities of the Macedonian-Austrian Business Association further contribute to bringing our countries and peoples closer together”, President Pendarovski said.

Appreciating Austria’s continued support in the process of our accession to the European Union, President Pendarovski expressed hope that in the coming period we would witness a new chapter in the relations of the Republic of North Macedonia with the European Union through the commencement of our full-fledged membership negotiations.

“It would be a fair and well-deserved recognition of North Macedonia’s role, both in shaping good neighborly policy in South East Europe and in the European integration processes in which we unselfishly contribute and will continue to contribute to the upgrading of our shared home, Europe”, the President said.

Ambassador Woutsas said that he is honored to be appointed as Ambassador in our country and expressed his conviction that he will provide his contribution to the continuous development and deepening of the bilateral relations between the two countries. Stressing that Austria is a true friend and fervent supporter of North Macedonia’s quest for membership in the European Union, Ambassador Woutsas expressed hope that the October Council of EU Foreign Ministers will finally follow the recommendation by the European Commission to open accession negotiations with North Macedonia as well as with your neighbor Albania.

The Austrian Ambassador praised the determination and vision of your Government during the past years by establishing good neighborly relations to the East and to the South, as well as the positive development of North Macedonia’s economy through the determined efforts to create an encouraging business climate in the Republic of North Macedonia and pledged Austria’s support for the continuance of this promising path of reforms

President Pendarovski wished the newly appointed Ambassador success in the performance of the responsible diplomatic duty.




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