President Pendarovski visits army units deployed on the southern border and the transit center for migrants in Gevgelija

4 July 2019 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, visited today the members of the Army deployed on the southern border.

President Pendarovski was briefed on the current security situation, as well as on the tactical measures and procedures implemented by the army units to prevent illegal crossings at the southern border.

Earlier, President Pendarovski visited the transit center for migrants in Gevgelija, which currently shelters about thirty migrants. President Pendarovski was acquainted with the current situation in the transit center.

“From what I heard at the briefing from the competent officers, both here and in the transit center, there are no indicators that the number of illegal migrants and refugees is increasing. But, positive is that we are ready: if there is an increase in that number, we will receive them, of course, through the procedures and in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration. As the Republic of North Macedonia was one of the most important links in that chain during the great refugee crisis of the so-called Balkan route and as we got the highest possible ratings, the best qualifications for the reception and acceptance of the refugees, we are now ready to do the same in a similar way. We can only commend the members of our Army and, of course, the members of the Ministry of Interior who have been working here for the fourth year in regular rotations, in different weather conditions, providing safety and protection for us, for our borders. Moreover, every illegal crossing should indeed be carried out in line with the international rules and regulations for the state to receive the highest possible grades, and from the aspect of respecting the right of those people who have the right to be accepted and have the right to be treated in a dignified manner”, President Pendarovski said during his visit of the army forces at the southern border.




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