President Pendarovski visits Kumanovo as part of the project “Face to Face with the President”

27 February 2020 | Meetings, Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, as part of the project “Face to Face with the President”, visited today the municipality of Kumanovo.

President Pendarovski visited the Buchen Kozjak Dairy, established in 1983, as the first private dairy on the territory of our country. President Pendarovski was presented with the company’s production process, product placement and future management plans.

During his stay in Kumanovo, President Pendarovski also met with the staff at the Tane Georgievski Library, which marks its 75th anniversary this year. President Pendarovski was introduced to the work of the library, which has a literary fund of over 226,000 literary units. In 2019 the upward trend of readers and service users continued. The number of registered visits is about 65,000 annually. The youngest member of the library is only one and a half years old and the library has picture books and stories available for that age, while the oldest member is 90 years old.

President Pendarovski also met with representatives of NGOs from the Kumanovo region, as well as with local journalists and correspondents, who informed him of their current work and the challenges in funding and functioning. Media workers at the meeting with President Pendarovski said that correspondence is dying out in the country and that local media face difficulties in their operation.

Earlier, President Pendarovski visited the Toli Zordumis Municipal Primary School, where the lectures are delivered in both Macedonian and Albanian. It implements the Nansen model for intercultural education, which integrates students, parents and teachers from different ethnic communities through a contemporary educational process.

During his visit to Kumanovo, President Pendarovski met with Dr. Nurie Aliji, who has been taking care of women’s health in Kumanovo for more than 20 years. She currently has 12,000 patients. She is the author of 23 scientific papers and is the winner of the November award of the city of Kumanovo.

At the meeting, she said she was proud of her achievements and was most pleased to help people. Despite extensive scientific work, patients are her priority.

President Pendarovski said that positive examples in society, such as Dr. Aliji, should be highlighted.

President Pendarovski also visited the meteorologist Boris Sekirarski, who works in the Hydro-Meteorological Service (HMS) in Skopje for more than three decades, recipient of numerous domestic and international awards for his innovations.

Monitoring climate change and its consequences, Sekirarski created the only by function Macedonian IoT (Internet of Things) device called ELIF (Electronically Leed Internet Forecast), whose function is to predict floods and storms. Sekirarski is also working on the upgraded ELIFA system to monitor changes in air quality over a wider region. Among his more recent successes is the system that unites all of its efforts in the field of climate change, called the ElifERS (ELIF-Emergency Response System). It will be available to crisis headquarters at different levels in the region, enabling constant assessment of different threats to nature.
Sekirarski at the meeting said that nowadays it is a real skill to find an accurate and relevant source of data and you need to choose which source you trust. President Pendarovski said that his goal is to make his patents useful to citizens for timely and accurate monitoring of meteorological conditions.

The “Face to Face with the President” project was initiated in President Pendarovski’s election program. The aim is through visits to municipalities in North Macedonia, President Pendarovski to meet as many citizens as possible, and to listen closely to the problems and challenges the citizens face, as well as ideas for overcoming them.




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