President Pendarovski visits Prilep as part of the “Face to face with the President” project

28 September 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the municipality of Prilep as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project.

During his stay, President Pendarovski visited the secondary municipal school “Orde Copela”, where he was introduced to the inclusive educational methods, current projects and innovative solutions of teams from various professional fields.

The students presented the rainwater collection system for irrigation of the school’s mini orchard, a project that brought the school financial funds for social innovations in the field of climate change and environmental protection in a competition in Struga. President Pendarovski also visited the veterinary clinic, the school laboratory where the quality control of the rainwater was carried out and the bakery where the young bakers use products produced in the school, demonstrating the multidisciplinary approach in the implementation of the projects.

President Pendarovski congratulated the teaching and professional staff at the school who recognize students’ potential, continuously encouraging their creativity. Moreover, he expressed satisfaction with the commitment and high motivation of the students to acquire new knowledge in professional areas.

As part of the face-to-face project, the President visited the library and scientific laboratory within the Public Scientific Institution – Old Slavic Culture Institute – Prilep, where he was presented with some of the current scientific research projects and publications from the rich literary fund, including the rare collection of old printed books dating back to the 15th century.

The President was also informed about the challenges that the Institute faces in its functioning. In that direction, the need to advance the scientific research work through the procurement of technical equipment was emphasized, as well as the necessity of cooperation with a larger number of scientific, professional and higher education institutions abroad. President Pendarovski expressed his satisfaction with the high professionalism in the scientific research activity of the Institute, emphasizing his support for scientific projects and activities that have an important contribution to the overall socio-political and educational processes.

In Prilep, President Pendarovski also visited the Tobacco Museum within the framework of the National Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Prilep Museum. During the visit, he was presented with an impressive collection of exhibits, dedicated to all aspects of the history of the tobacco industry, which ranks our museum among the most significant in the world.

Emphasizing the importance of the museum in the affirmation of our rich culture and tradition, President Pendarovski expressed satisfaction with the enthusiasm of all involved in the collection and preservation of these rarities of inestimable value worldwide.






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