President Pendarovski visits Stip: Citizens to be vaccinated in large numbers

6 April 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski was today in the municipality of Stip where he visited the vaccination point and the Modular hospital for Covid patients.

At the vaccination point in the premises of the Health Center “Pance Karagjazov”, President Pendarovski was informed about the vaccination process, which is currently performed on persons over 77 years, in accordance with the state vaccination strategy.

President Pendarovski got acquainted with the conditions of this vaccination point which has 4 vaccination positions where 40 citizens are immunized per day, and at this stage it is planned to vaccinate 400 people with the Astra Zeneka vaccine. The vaccination process at this vaccination point is assisted by Red Cross volunteers from Stip.

President Pendarovski said that we should all show maximum responsibility and conscience to protect ourselves, our closest and most vulnerable groups.

“What we were looking for and what started yesterday must continue. I call on the citizens to be vaccinated in large numbers, not to be afraid, not to succumb to fake news, not to believe in various fabrications. As everywhere in the world, mass immunization is the only way to deal with the corona virus and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”, President Pendarovski said.

During the visit, President Pendarovski visited the Modular Hospital for Covid Patients in Stip and had a meeting with the Director of the Clinical Hospital in Stip, which has a capacity of 100 beds and 47 beds in the modular hospital, while the health staff numbers about 200 people. The President was informed about the current situation with patients in this municipality, as well as the protection and provision of health care to citizens, expressing gratitude for the full commitment and maximum efforts of health professionals and acknowledged their sacrifice and professionalism.

President Pendarovski had a meeting with the officials from the municipal crisis headquarters for protection and rescue in the municipality of Stip and discussed the measures for prevention and protection of the health of the citizens.





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