President Pendarovski visits the army diving team of the Special Forces Battalion in Ohrid

8 August 2020 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Stevo Pendarovski, visited today the diving team of the Special Forces Battalion of the Army, which conducts training in summer at the Water Training Center in Ohrid.

The members of the team informed President Pendarovski of their current activities, showed their capacities and abilities, as well as the equipment they use, and demonstrated several exercises.

The diving team was in Athens, the Hellenic Republic, in July, where it conducted diving training with the Greek special unit. With that, the unit began a cycle of cooperation with the Greek special unit, as part of the joint cooperation of the two armies of NATO member states. In addition to the Greek army, this type of cooperation is realized with several armies from other NATO member states.

President Pendarovski wished the members of the diving team, who have proven their abilities in support of civilian institutions, further successful work and expressed expectation for continuous successful cooperation in the future with NATO Alliance partner armies.






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