President Pendarovski visits the Modular Covid Center within the General Hospital in Kavadarci and meets with the initiator of the humanitarian action “Donate a Computer”

22 April 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, today in Kavadarci, visited the Modular Covid Center whitin the PHI General Hospital with extended activity and had a meeting with Borce Stamenov, initiator of the humanitarian action “Donate a Computer”.

The health workers engaged in the Modular Covid Center informed President Pendarovski about the current situation in the Center, its capacity, the current work, the health care of the citizens and the challenges they face during the pandemic.

“All health professionals, especially those in the front lines, deserve huge respect and recognition for what they do every day. We are all aware that hospitals are facing lack of staff. Therefore, each of us should contribute, with responsible behavior and consistent observance of health protocols, in relaxing the health system as much as possible, President Pendarovski said.

The responsible persons informed that all health workers, i.e. 20 doctors and 70 nurses, make maximum efforts in order to provide adequate and efficient health care to patients.

The modular Covid Center has a capacity of 35 hospital beds, and within the hospital there are two Covid wards with a total capacity of 60 hospital beds. About 800 Covid patients have been hospitalized in the Kavadarci hospital so far and 520 citizens have been immunized so far in the vaccination point, which was opened on March 31. Health professionals pointed out that the vaccination process is successful, without side effects.

During his visit to Kavadarci, President Pendarovski also met with Borce Stamenov, initiator and organizer of the humanitarian action “Donate a Computer”.

The President praised his personal commitment, in a time of pandemic when the need for online education arises, to help socially disadvantaged families who do not have financial means to provide computer equipment to their children. “Each humanitarian engagement deserves our support. With every personal example and individual help, we raise public awareness and contribute to a more humane and solidary society”, President Pendarovski said.

Over 750 computers have been donated so far through the humanitarian action “Donate a Computer”.

Recently, President Pendarovski visited the vaccination point in Gostivar and the vaccination point and the Modular Hospital for Covid patients in Stip.




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