President Pendarovski visits the municipality of Kicevo

25 December 2019 | Meetings, Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, in the framework of the “Face to Face with the President” project, paid a visit to the municipality of Kicevo today.

In the primary school “Sande Sterjoski”, President Pendarovski visited two classes that teach the lessons in Macedonian and Albanian language. The school is attended by Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Roma students and is an example of interethnic integration in education. The problem with the lack of textbooks was pointed out to President Pendarovski. President Pendarovski also visited a class of children with disabilities who attend the same school. The United States Peace Corps volunteer assists them in attending classes.

In the school library, President Pendarovski met with the 18-year-old Albin Aliu, innovator of a project of transforming Lake Ohrid algae into paper. He informed President Pendarovski of his project that won him a third place in a competition in New York-US in the field of biochemistry. The project is important for protecting the environment because it helps maintain biodiversity and helps reduce the use of wood as a raw material for paper production. Aliu told President Pendarovski his desire to develop and implement the project in North Macedonia. Aliu, who finished his elementary education at “Sande Sterjoski” school, is now a student at Yahya Kemal College in Struga and is a recipient of numerous awards at national and regional competitions.

During his visit to Kicevo, President Pendarovski visited the primary school “Vladimir Polezhinoski”, where a trend of decrease in the number of students in the city is marked. During the visit, President Pendarovski gave an interview to the school newspaper “Dzunica”, prepared by students from the journalism section.

In the Red Cross – Kicevo, President Pendarovski met with Dr. Lulzim Yahoja, recipient of the National Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer in 2019. Yahoja, a neurologist, has been a Red Cross volunteer for 15 years. President Pendarovski was briefed on the ongoing activities of the Red Cross in the city.

The “Face to Face with the President” project aims to meet as many citizens as possible through visits to the municipalities in North Macedonia, and to listen closely to the problems and challenges the citizens face, as well as ideas for their overcoming.




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