President Pendarovski visits the Suto Orizari Polyclinic

15 July 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, together with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Zhang Zuo, and representatives of the PHI Health Center Skopje visited today the “Suto Orizari” polyclinic.

Under the auspices of President Pendarovski, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the country donated one million and six hundred thousand Denars to the PHI Health Center Skopje for the “Suto Orizari” polyclinic. The funds are intended for equipping the RTG Cabinet, equipping with medical furniture and reconstruction of the roof of this polyclinic. The visit to the “Suto Orizari” polyclinic is the final phase of this activity after the signing of the memorandum of cooperation and the implementation of the donation.

President Pendarovski said that during today’s visit to the “Suto Orizari” polyclinic, they had the honor to see on the spot the donation of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of North Macedonia and specifically to this municipality which, according to all standards in the field of health care, is below the city or national average.

“When last year, for the first time, Mr. Ambassador and I started thinking about where their donation could be best used, it did not take us long to decide that the “Suto Orizari” polyclinic is one of the first to receive such assistance for the citizens of this municipality to have a level of health care equal to all other citizens living in other municipalities of the country. Thank you again. This is not the only donation his country has made to our country. During the pandemic we received medical equipment, protective masks and other things on several occasions. I hope we will continue to cooperate in this direction”, President Pendarovski said.

The Chinese Ambassador to the country, Zhang Zuo, noted that during today’s visit to the immunization departments, the duty department and the X-ray room, he had the opportunity to talk to the medical staff and underlined that he was pleased to see significant improvement of the conditions in this health institution.

“President Pendarovski attaches great importance to bilateral relation between China and North Macedonia, and maintains friendly exchanges with Chinese leaders. His Excellency met with Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Defence Wei Fenghe in March this year. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, President Pendarovski has been actively promoting cooperation between our two countries in fighting the pandemic, and promoting friendly exchanges so as to benefit the people and deepen traditional friendship between China and North Macedonia”, Ambassador Zuo said.

The director of the PHI Health Center Skopje, Viktor Isjanovski, said that this donation will increase the level of health care in this part of Skopje, specifically to the citizens who gravitate to this polyclinic.

“Above all, the donation referred to the prevention, primary health care and the part of the specialist service where for the first time after so many years the X-ray room will be opened where the citizens will be able to be filmed, so that for those health services they will not have to go to more distant polyclinics”, Isjanovski stressed.

The donation is an incentive for further finding systemic solutions for the challenges faced by this polyclinic, as well as some of the health facilities in the municipalities with a higher percentage of Roma population, in terms of medical staff, equipment and appropriate facilities, as well as for continuous investment in the health system and providing quality health services to all citizens equally.




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