President’s Wife, Gjorgievska, joins the activities of the Retweet a Meal: To be in solidarity with the citizens who need us the most!

12 February 2021 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, joined the activity of the informal civil initiative “Retweet a Meal”, by preparing food for homeless and socially disadvantaged people.

The food was prepared in the kitchen of the church Glasnost. According to the current practice, meals will be distributed during the upcoming weekend, when the public kitchens are closed.

“The crisis resulting from the Covid – 19 pandemic most hardly affected these categories of vulnerable citizens. Hence, the need for a meal has increased. Let us be humane and in solidarity, and help those who need it the most. May we share food with citizens who cannot provide a meal for themselves or their family”, Gjorgievska said.

In the activities of Retweet a Meal, as Gjorgievska added, everyone who thinks that can contribute can get involved.

The informal civic initiative “Retweet a Meal”, along with the association of citizens to help the homeless, socially disadvantaged families and individuals “True Acts of Kindness” for more than five years helps the most vulnerable citizens. Both organizations were part of the humanitarian action initiated by the Cabinet of President Pendarovski, “We Volunteer for a Solidarity Society”.




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