Key priorities of the President

8 priorities in 8 months

The function of the President of the state is not only the highest function according to our Constitution. Being a President means uniting, not dividing, encouraging togetherness and mutual understanding.

Being a President means courage and determination to make difficult decisions, to be the pride of the citizens.

The President connects all citizens who live in our country, works for the citizens, serves his people, expertly, honestly and fairly, connects citizens regardless of their ethnic, religious, social or other origin.

Key commitments of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia:

To be the President of all citizens


To support political dialogue


To be available and in constant communication with citizens

Eight most important projects for the first eight months of President Stevo Pendarovski’s term:

1. Forum for Non-Party Political Dialogue

The President, in order to encourage political dialogue, national reconciliation and overcoming social conflicts, will organize regular meetings with political parties and will encourage the achievement of non-party compromises on strategically important issues. According to the needs, the academic and professional public, business community, trade unions and civil society organizations will be involved. The annual conference will be an opportunity to present the scientific achievements and research results of scientists, researchers and innovators in our country.

2. Face to Face with the President

President-close to the citizens. The project will allow direct contacts of the President with the citizens; the President will visit them directly, without intermediaries will talk with them, will answer their questions, will listen to their problems and initiate their resolution.

3. President’s Center for Political Education

Within the framework of the President’s Cabinet, a Center for continuous political education will be established. This Center will not be a school for political elites, but will connect young people from different backgrounds with eminent lecturers and trainers from the state and abroad. The Center will encourage young people’s interest in politics and will motivate them to engage, understand and practice it in the best possible way.

4. Scholarship Fund for Students and Researchers

The Scholarship Fund will provide education to young talented students and researchers. They will be able to acquire knowledge at the universities in the country, but our students will also have the chance to go to renowned universities abroad. This will extend the opportunities for more young people to make use of this fund. The fund will also support innovative research projects of young researchers working at universities and scientific institutions in the country.

5. Annual Conference on Scientific and Technological Progress

The President must play an active role in supporting education and science. The Annual Conference will be an opportunity to present the scientific achievements and research results of scientists, researchers and innovators in our country. It will be supported by the President, and organized in cooperation with universities and scientific institutions in the country.

6. We Volunteer for a Solidarity Society

Претседателот треба да ги поврзува граѓаните и институциите и да придонесува за подобра комуникација. Кабинетот на претседателот ќе организира волонтерски настани секоја година  на којашто граѓаните ќе имаат можност да волонтираат за општокорисна цел. Целите и настаните ќе бидат дефинирани на годишно ниво во соработка со државните институции, општините и граѓанските организации. Основна цел е да се промовира волонтерството како концепт за служење на заедницата и помагање на ранливите групи граѓани.

7. Women in Politics

The President will appoint a special adviser on gender equality and promotion of women’s participation in politics. Together with her, the Cabinet will prepare a strategy for encouraging the participation of women in politics and supporting the efforts for compulsory participation of at least 50% women in electoral lists in parliamentary and local elections.

8. President of All Citizens

The President’s Cabinet will have representatives from all ethnic communities selected according to their competence and professionalism. The President’s Cabinet will reflect the multicultural character of our society.

The President is a voice of reason, a strong protector of citizens and plays a vital role in providing national consensus and strategy on key issues of interest to citizens.