Promotion of the Development Framework MKD2030, an initiative of President Pendarovski

20 December 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed today the promotion event for the Development Framework MKD2030, which is a strategic document, prepared on his initiative.

As a long-term vision for the development and the future of the country, MKD2030 sets out the policies that should be achieved by the next decade and the areas in which the country should focus in order to progress and improve the lives of citizens.

The Development Framework MKD2030 is an authentic document, prepared in a consultation process with the business sector, civil society organizations, academia and prominent professionals in many fields.

The priorities arising from MKD2030 will be the reference point, according to which the National Development Strategy 2021-2041 will be calibrated, which, as a next phase, should complement MKD2030.

Our task is to recognize the vital priorities without which development would be impossible, and to invest in their attainment. MKD2030 needs to be feasible. As a country, we have limited human and financial resources and we should not waste time on issues that exceed our capabilities and resources”, President Pendarovski said.

“I believe that the real situation is familiar to all of us – the emigration of young people continues, passivity of the electorate, low trust in institutions, deep division in society on many grounds and increased income inequality”, the President said in his address.

For these reasons, the President said, it is necessary to rethink the postulates of our economic and social development and a shared vision for the development of the country, supported by national consensus and coordinated policies in accordance with the real needs and expectations of citizens.

“Such policies must be implemented effectively without wasting limited resources. Therefore, at the very beginning of my term, I initiated the project MKD2030 as a strategic framework for the development of North Macedonia until the end of this decade. The document will contain an assessment of the strengths in resources and human capital and will identify weaknesses where more resources, labor and investment are needed”, President Pendarovski said.

MKD2030 focuses on digitization, decentralization and democratization, through environmental, economic, agricultural and health policies, to education and science and fight against youth emigration. The document will also address priorities which are not considered separately, covering multiple sectors, such as building an efficient public administration, creating equal opportunities and fighting corruption.

President Pendarovski thanked all those who contributed to the development of the strategy, which should be finalized in mid 2022.






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