President Pendarovski talks with members of the Army deployed in international operations and missions

27 December 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski held a video conversation today with members of our Army who are deployed in international operations and missions, led by the UN, NATO and the EU.

President Pendarovski greeted our peacekeepers who are engaged in the NATO-led peace support operation “KFOR” in the Republic of Kosovo, in the NATO mission – activity for increased field presence in the Republic of Latvia, in the NATO missions – activities for increased vigilance in the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, in the EU-led peace support operation “ALTEA” in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the UN-led mission “UNIFIL” in the Republic of Lebanon.

In the talks, President Pendarovski thanked them for their commitment, as well as the professionalism and sacrifice through which members of our army actively contribute to peace and security in the world and represent the most important contribution to collective defense.

Congratulating the upcoming season holidays, President Pendarovski wished our peacekeepers good health and success, urging them to remain dedicated and professional in the performance of their tasks, defending common values – peace and freedom, in the countries where they are deployed.




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