Reaction of President Stevo Pendarovski regarding the escape of the former UBK Director, Saso Mijalkov

22 February 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, regarding the escape of the former UBK Director, Saso Mijalkov, calls on all competent institutions to take the necessary measures in order to implement the court decision for his detention.

“Such developments are unacceptable for a country that expects to start negotiations for membership in the European Union and that is working hard to reform the judicial system and build trust in the rule of law. This discredits the efforts and hopes for tackling crime and high corruption”, President Pendarovski said.

The President expects the competent institutions to conduct an investigation as soon as possible to fully clarify the case and if any omissions are found by the competent institutions, a responsibility to be assumed.

Citizens expect criminal and moral responsibility. The fight for the rule of law means that anyone who has sinned before the law will be punished, President Pendarovski said.





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