Reaction to the statement of Hristijan Mickoski

1 August 2021 | Press Releases

President Pendarovski is extremely unpleasantly surprised by the qualification of Mr. Mickoski, according to which, tomorrow’s celebration of the biggest Macedonian holiday – Ilinden in Krushevo will be a “circus ceremony”. It is not remembered, years ago, that one of our politicians expressed such deep disrespect to the greatest heroes, creators and artists of the Macedonian people and Macedonian citizens, completely underestimating the fact that a state delegation led by President Pendarovski will lay a wreath and fresh flowers on the grave of the first president of the Krushevo Republic, Nikola Karev, on the monument of the heroes of Sliva and on Meckin Kamen, and will be present at the Funeral Home in honor of the heroes and their work in the church “St. Nikola”.

However, having in mind the fact that according to Mickoski the celebration of Ilinden in Krushevo on August 2 will be a “circus ceremony”, then it is not surprising his decision to celebrate the greatest Macedonian holiday in Tashmarunista, instead of Krushevo. Probably this is because the battles fought in that area are far more important than the battles for the liberation of Krushevo which laid the foundations of the Macedonian state.

President Pendarovski regrets that his sincere attempt to overcome the deep political differences, at least on Ilinden, was not understood by some of the political leaders for whom the party is still ahead of the state. Regardless, the President will continue to work in the same direction, always keeping state and national interests at the forefront.






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