Reaction to the statement of Bedri Ajdari, given in the “Click Plus” programme on TV 21

4 February 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski understands the pain of the families who lost their children and loved ones in the Smilkovo Lake case, as well as the desire of the families of the defendants to reveal the truth about the whole event.

President Pendarovski has always advocated for this and all other criminal-legal events for the real perpetrators to receive the deserved punishment and for no innocent person to be imprisoned, if there is no evidence established in a court procedure.

However, President Pendarovski, in connection with the “Monster” case, has never met with the families of the defendants, nor does he have any information or knowledge about the murders, obtained from domestic institutions or from foreign sources, nor in the period before he was elected president nor after.




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