President Pendarovski visits Risto Donev, international correspondence chess master

5 December 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the 60-year-old Risto Donev, a person with cerebral palsy, holder of the title of international correspondence chess master.

He informed President Pendarovski of his chess achievements, the numerous recognitions, medals and cups won, but also the challenges he has been facing for 13 years, to have his successes institutionally recognized in our country, which will enable him, as he says, the deserved right to a sports pension.

His father, Trajko Donev, recalled the years when, due to the inability to attend school, he personally educated his son. He emphasized Risto’s superhuman efforts, which, despite his atypical development, contributed to the full use of his above-average intelligence. He stressed the concern about the existential issue of Risto in the future, because the competent institutions consider that the association that organizes the major matches in correspondence chess is not an integral part of the World Chess Federation FIDE, and because of their attitude, he is not entitled to a sports pension.

President Pendarovski congratulated Risto on his exceptional successes, which are an incentive, positive example and pride for the entire country. On the eve of the court hearing to prove the basis of his request, the President emphasized the need for the competent institutions to seriously consider the arguments and resolve Risto’s case in a dedicated and responsible manner.

Risto Donev is a man with many talents and a wide range of knowledge. Apart from his exceptional achievements in chess, he is also engaged in writing books, poetry and prose, and has advanced information technology skills.




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