President Pendarovski meets with representatives of the Institute for Research and Policy Analysis – Romalitico

16 March 2021 | Meetings

President Stevo Pendarovski received today Elvis Shaqiri, Executive Director and Albert Memeti, Manager of the Economic Development Program of the Institute for Research and Policy Analysis – Romalitico, as well as representatives of the Civil Movement “Avaya”.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski was informed about the activities of Romalitico and the Civic Movement “Avaya”, as well as with the challenges they face in implementing their priorities in order to improve the overall position of the Roma community.

The interlocutors referred to the goals contained in the three-year strategy of the Institute, which are related to increasing the political representation of Roma and ensuring good governance of elected officials, using funds for direct support of the Roma community, exercising the rights of the Roma community guaranteed by the Ohrid Framework Agreement, channeling the Roma priorities in the national and EU agenda through targeted and mainstream public policies, as well as sensitizing the national and local institutions to anti-Gypsyism. The meeting also discussed the principle of equitable representation, the upcoming census, the draft law on the introduction of ethnicity in ID cards, the Roma language and other public policies that deserve the commitment of the competent institutions.

Praising the activities of the Institute in promoting the rights of Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia, President Pendarovski stressed that ensuring a dignified and quality life of all citizens equally, is a necessary precondition for building a stable and prosperous society. In that context, President Pendarovski said, joint engagement, responsible approach and maximum commitment of all stakeholders is necessary in creating policies based on democratic principles and values.







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