Security Council meeting

13 September 2021 | Press Releases

The 13th session of the Security Council of the Republic of North Macedonia was held today in the Cabinet of the President.

On the agenda were the following issues: the people from Afghanistan accepted on our territory and the set-up of the crisis management system.

The participants stated that the Republic of North Macedonia, as a NATO member, showed readiness and offered its capacities for accepting people from Afghanistan.

The competent ministers and the representatives of the institutions informed about the activities so far regarding the care of the accepted persons from Afghanistan, for which all the necessary security checks have been made and for which the security protocols for their stay in the country have been prepared.

Regarding the second issue on the agenda, the Security Council proposed to the Government to establish a working group as soon as possible, which will review the situation with the crisis management system. Given the recent fire situation, the working group should propose concrete measures to make the crisis management system more functional and efficient.

Besides the members of the Security Council, at the invitation of President Pendarovski, the Director of the National Security Agency, Viktor Dimovski, the Director of the Intelligence Agency, Erold Musliu, the Director of the Crisis Management Center, Stojance Angelov, the director of the Protection and Rescue Directorate, Bekim Maksuti, and the National Coordinator for Implementation of the National Platform for Accident and Disaster Risk Reduction, Zoran Petrov, attended the session.






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