Statement by President Pendarovski after voting in the early parliamentary elections

15 July 2020 | Press Releases

Based on the available information from the first half of the election day, I see that everything is going on according to the legal regulations, in a democratic, peaceful and tolerant atmosphere.

What is important and specific for these elections, and in my opinion, should remain so until the end of the election day, the elections so far are held with maximum respect for the health protocols because it is extremely important for everyone who wants to exercise his right to vote today, every citizen, to be fully protected. Of course, I am also talking about the people, about 30-35 thousand, who are engaged as members of the voting boards.

Today’s vote must be transparent, fair, democratic and all those who are participants in the election process must be protected because you know we are one of the first 5-6 countries in the world that organizes elections during the corona virus crisis.

I hope it will remain as it is by now and, during the election day until the announcement of the results and completely irrelevant from who will be the formal winner tonight, I expect as it befits a European democracy, all participants in the election process tonight to shake hands and congratulate each other. Thank you.




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