President Pendarovski: It is high time that the system confirms that we are capable in practice to finally end the culture of impunity for serious violations of the law

4 September 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski’s position regarding the latest developments at the University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology:

“The publicly available information about suspected misuse of therapy for cancer patients is shocking and appalling. Instead of providing full support and protection to those persons faced with the most difficult diagnosis, the health system has obviously failed, which has lost trust not only among those sick, but the quality of treatment of every future patient has been called into question.

In order to completely clear up this huge affair, I commend the actions taken so far by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time, I call for a quick and efficient completion of the investigation and judicial-prosecutorial proceedings without selectivity and appropriate punishment for all those who will be proven to have committed serious acts against people’s health.

It is high time for the system to confirm that we are capable in practice, not just in words, to deal with severe forms of organized crime and corruption and to finally end the culture of impunity for serious violations of the law.

We will never be a true European society with protracted court proceedings and the absence of personal responsibility. For a healthy society, we need a rule of law in practice, not on paper.

I fully understand the anger of the citizens who are calling for peaceful protests, demanding responsibility from those who profited from the suffering of our most seriously ill citizens.”




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