20 “Boris Trajkovski” scholarships for the academic 2021/2022 awarded

6 December 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski awarded today the Boris Trajkovski scholarships for the academic 2021/2022, for second cycle studies for the Pan-European Executive MBA program at City College, Europe Campus of York University.

In his address, President Pendarovski said that investing in education of young business leaders is the surest investment in the success of our economy and the future of our society.

“Education should help young people not only to acquire theoretical knowledge, but also to enable them, through free and independent, thinking to find solutions to real challenges and problems. That is why we need young people like you with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit, who, through individual efforts and success, will bring mutual success to the Macedonian economy”, President Pendarovski said, expressing confidence that with the knowledge and skills that the candidates will acquire, they can contribute to a faster recovery of our economy and its positioning on a sound basis, ready for the post-COVID world.

In his speech, President Pendarovski stressed the dual importance of the “Boris Trajkovski” scholarships, which, in addition to education, are an investment in the trust between the two countries.

Recalling the efforts of President Boris Trajkovski, his wife, Vilma Trajkovska, said that the scholarships that bear his name are intended for people who are ready to walk the path to success, without compromising honesty and integrity.

“Our homeland went through an extremely difficult period. But I am glad that one of Boris’ initiatives that continues to bear fruit is this scholarship, which is received by twenty scholars each year for the Pan-European Executive MBA program. It is an investment in your success, the success of the country and the friendship between the Macedonian and Greek society. And that is an important part of Boris Trajkovski’s dream”, Trajkovska said.

The Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska, congratulating the scholarship holders, wished them to be bearers of change and drivers of the processes in the areas they will improve in.

“I wish you to successfully complete your studies on time. To return here, at home, full of new knowledge that will surely help in the development of the country that has invested in you, supported your education and believes that with the acquired qualities and personal potential you will find your place in society”, Minister Carovska said.

Speaking about the program, the Director of the City College in Thessaloniki, Yannis Ververidis, said that the scholarship winners will have the opportunity to gain a wider experience that will change the way they think and act, by developing new capacities and qualities.

“The MBA program is implemented by high quality international professors and aims to improve your leadership and management skills and to develop modern knowledge and understanding of current global business thinking. It is a truly international program, with one study week in York and one in Strasbourg, and giving you the opportunity to study, meet and connect with your peers from 25 other countries”, the Director of City College, Ververidis, said in his address.

The scholarships are a result of the joint activity and cooperation of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia with City College, Europe Campus of York University.







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