President Pendarovski meets with students of FINKI, creators of the advertising tool “Howitzer”

19 April 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, within the “Face to Face” project, met with students of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering – FINKI, who created the marketing tool for advertising, “Howitzer”, on the American social network “Reddit”.

The young IT specialists introduced President Pendarovski with their innovation, the way they came up with the product and the achieved results, emphasizing that they targeted the global market.

President Pendarovski congratulated them on the innovation, pointing out that this tool is not only their personal success, but also contributes to the affirmation of our country.

At the meeting, the President stressed that, with their knowledge, enthusiasm, teamwork and perseverance, they realized their idea, creating a successful product recognized in the global market. According to President Pendarovski, such success is the greatest motivation for young people to develop their IT skills and dedicate themselves to science and innovation, and in conditions of global digitalization, supporting innovation in the ICT sector is of great importance for the overall economic development of the country.

Main users of this marketing tool are entrepreneurs and early stage companies, growing marketers and creators of crypto projects. Their product managed to reach a USD 2,000 monthly inflow a month after it was launched, and just five months later they received the largest foreign initial investment for a software company in North Macedonia to date – USD 500,000.







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