President Pendarovski meets with students, winners of medals at the 37th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

13 November 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today the students who won silver and bronze medals at the 37th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad.

At the Olympiad, where our country was represented by 6 students, mostly high school students, Nikola Spirovski won a silver medal, while bronze medals were won by Damjan Davkov, Alek Jarmov and Luka Grashkoski. Kristina Taseva and Bojan Dimovski also participated in the Olympiad. The team together scored 113 points, which, according to the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia, is the greatest achievement in the last 11 years.

At the meeting, the students and team leaders Nikola Velov and Borce Joshevski informed President Pendarovski about the process of intensive preparations, which was conducted through four test matches with simulation of conditions. Such an approach, as they said, contributed to the excellent result of the Olympiad.

The representatives of the Association of Mathematicians of Macedonia said that the key role for achieving top results in mathematics is in the primary education, i.e. working with students from the fourth and fifth grade.

Congratulating on the medals won and the great success, President Pendarovski expressed support for the efforts to provide better conditions for learning and math trainings.

“Congratulations on the success we are all proud of. I wish you to continue to upgrade the quality you possess and achieve further excellent results internationally”, President Pendarovski said at the meeting.

The 37th Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, which was attended by 11 Balkan countries and seven guest teams, was virtually held this year in Romania, from October 31st to November 5th.

Moreover, some of the students have won other awards this year. Nikola Spirovski won the 24th Junior Olympics in September. At the same competition, which was virtually held in Greece, Damjan Davkov won a silver medal.




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