The decrees promulgating the laws of the so-called fifth package of economic measures signed

18 April 2021 | Press Releases

The Macedonian public is well aware of the commitment of President Pendarovski to support all legal initiatives and projects that are in the interest of the citizens and this also applies to the so-called fifth package of economic measures that should help 60,000 of our citizens and businesses, hit the most by the pandemic.

Therefore, President Pendarovski, without any dilemma, signed today the decrees promulgating the laws that will enable thousands of our citizens to receive a salary for February and March this year.

Regarding the constitutionality and legality of the work of the Assembly, the Head of State has no authority to review it; the President of the Assembly is responsible for that and the Constitutional Court after the adoption of the laws.

As for Mickoski’s call to the President to show that he is “worthy of the position he holds”, our citizens best showed what they think about the dignity of the President in the elections 2 years ago. Moreover, our citizens know that President Pendarovski has always had a position on the most important issues and problems they face, even on matters that are not in his direct competence and are in the interest of the citizens, including the re-actualized issue of change of the borders on the Balkans. Unfortunately, some others, including Mickoski, did not say a word about these extreme and very dangerous proposals.

Finally, President Pendarovski appeals to all political entities to act responsibly and not to announce arrests and imprisonment for their political opponents, because it is in the exclusive competence of the judiciary. The announcement of criminal charges for alleged illegal activities is legitimate, but the announcements and guarantees of arrests coming from politicians are reminiscent of another time when the only ruling party was a police officer, a prosecutor and a judge.






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