The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, supports HealthHub activities

28 September 2022 | Press Releases

As of today, in the President’s Office MladiHub starts the implementation of the HealthHub activities, which are an initiative of the Association of Medical Students, supported by the Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, and the Ministry of Health.

At the opening of Healthhub, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Mile Boshnjakovski, Secretary General of the President’s Cabinet, Bekim Sali, Minister of Health, and Ljubica Batkoska, President of the Association of Medical Students.

Welcoming the HealthHub initiative whose goal is to create opportunities and open up a space for mastering the necessary skills to solve public health challenges, as well as creating equality in health, Gjorgievska expressed her support for young people in their activities related to health promotion, health care and healthy environment.

The Wife of the President said that the investment in the continuous professional education of the young staff in the field of health and the application of the acquired knowledge in practice are significant for the improvement of health services and public health.

In his address, the Minister of Health, Bekim Sali, welcomed the start of Healthhub’s operation, noting that it is a common commitment to direct Healthhub’s activities towards strengthening support for the protection and promotion of the rights of doctors and medical students.

Within the HealthHub, in the President’s Office MladiHub, events will be organized to raise public awareness and educate the population about topical issues in society in the field of medical sciences, forums and discussions on taking an active part in the creation of policies aimed at medical students, events related to the professional development of medical students and to promote the health of the population through scientifically based knowledge.

HealthHub will work on improving preventive health care, strengthening the position of young doctors and students in society, as well as finding creative and innovative solutions to solve the health problems of the population.




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