The Wife of the President, Gjorgievska, part of the “Trash Fashion 2020” project

30 November 2020 | Press Releases

The Wife of President Pendarovski, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, was part of the 4-member jury that evaluated the creations of students from 14 high schools in the Republic of North Macedonia, made from reused various waste materials.

In the past period, high school students collected materials, i.e. old paper, plastic, parts of old computers, natural materials and other items that can be reused. Then, they used them to make clothes and fashion accessories. The goal of the “Thrash Fashion” project which is organized for more than 10 years by the Association for Education, Communication and Consulting OHO, is to reduce waste through its reuse and raise awareness among students and the general public about the importance of a healthy environment.

“I was really impressed by the creativity and potential of the high school students. But, above all, I am impressed by the extremely developed awareness of these young people about the importance and preservation of the environment, nature and waste reuse”, Gjorgievska said.

So far, almost all high schools in the country have participated in this competition and more than 400 models and fashion accessories have been made. Through the material collection process, the teams were also tasked to measure how much waste they collected. More than 3,500 kilograms of waste were collected this year. And the topic on which the works were made is “2020 Superheroes”. This year’s action was dedicated to all the heroines and heroes who were on the front lines in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, who were constantly at risk.

The winner of this year’s “Trash Fashion” is the team from the municipal high school “Bogdanci” from Bogdanci which included the following students: Stefanija Angova, Cvetanka Atanasova and Gabriela Kostevska, under the mentorship of Vesna Ristovska. Marija Stanojovska, Aleksandra Mirceska and Antonio Gjurcinoski, students from the high school “Gjorce Petrov” from Prilep and their mentor Marta Makeska, won the second place. Jovana Ivanova and Sofija Peceva and their mentor Margareta Spasov, from the high school “Nikola Karev” from Strumica won the third place. The special award for the largest amount of collected waste was given to the students from the high school “Kosta Susinov” from Radovish, to Marija Prastova, Verica Georgieva and Kosara Gjorgjieva, under the mentorship of Katerina Susunova.




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