The Wife of the President, Gjorgievska, visits the Gostivar company “Caseficio Cesarina” and expresses support for women entrepreneurs

14 December 2020 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, visited today the company “Caseficio Cesarina” in Gostivar that deals with production of cheese and is managed by the successful woman entrepreneur, Gzime Fejzi.

In line with her efforts to support women entrepreneurs and successful businesses, Gjorgievska congratulated the management for the ambitious achievements and continuous upgrading of the company, which contributes to their competitiveness in the country and abroad.

During the visit, the employees introduced Gjorgievska with the development of the company, from idea to realization, for the successful application of the Italian experience in production, as well as with the production process and assortment of world famous cheese varieties, from mozzarella to special types of cheese with chocolate and coffee flavor.

“I am glad that women entrepreneurship is slowly starting to play a major role in North Macedonia”, Gjorgievska said, pointing out that stronger institutional support is needed in order to encourage and contribute more to the promotion of women entrepreneurs.

The conversation highlighted the challenges and difficulties faced by companies due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the need to adapt to new conditions, but also the need not to abandon the motivation and perseverance in continuing successful activities.

“Your creativity, innovation and, above all, courage to accept the risk and turn it into an advantage, speaks of your true entrepreneurial spirit. “Caseficio Cesarina” is a positive example of using the opportunities offered by our country and achieving results with professionalism, perseverance and work”, Gjorgievska said in the conversation with Gzime Fejzi.

Gjorgievska added that “Caseficio Cesarina” in addition to contributing to local and domestic economic development, with its competitiveness in foreign markets, also affirms our country.

“Caseficio Cesarina” was founded in 2001 and has received several state awards for successful work. The owner of the company, Gzime Fejzi, is the president of the Group of Women Entrepreneurs and winner of the plaque for the most successful businesswoman from our country, awarded by the US Embassy.






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