The Wife of the President participates in the event “Networking meeting with the cultural attachés of the EU member states”

10 November 2022 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, participated in the event “Networking meeting with the cultural attachés of the EU member states” which was held in the house-museum of the renowned fine artist, Lazar Lichenoski. The event is part of the activities on the occasion of the 3rd birthday of Europe House, Skopje.

Pointing out that the restoration of Lazar Lichenovski’s house is important from many aspects, in her address to the audience, the President’s Wife said that on the one hand it shows how much we care about our cultural heritage, but on the other, apart from having museological, traditional value, it represents a basis to build a lively, dynamic space in which new generations will have the opportunity to create, to be inspired and thus continue the art of Lichenovski by creating new works, new experiences and new art for all young generations.

“It is really a pleasure for me to be a patron, together with my husband, of such a wonderful project and I hope that there will be many more such projects that will be incubators of ideas for young artists”, the President’s Wife said.

Today’s event, which is an informal meeting with the cultural attachés of the embassies of the EU member states, was addressed by the Head of the EU delegation, Ambassador David Geer, and the Director of the National Gallery, Dita Starova-Kerimi, who gave a brief overview of the legacy and the value of the house-museum and Lichenoski’s work, which enriches the country’s cultural treasury.

Those present at the event had the opportunity to see the student exhibition, which consists of various forms of artwork made by the students and professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts, prepared and inspired by the works and legacy of Lichenoski. They also exchanged information regarding the possibilities for future activities for the conservation and restoration of the house-museum.

The program of Europe House, Skopje on the occasion of the birthday foresees a series of activities that will take place in the house-museum of Lazar Lichenovski in order to pay respect to the personality and work of this important Macedonian painter.





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