The Wife of the President participates in the panel discussion “Access to treatment and services for early detection”

6 February 2023 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, participated in the panel discussion “Access to treatment and services for early detection” on the occasion of February 4, World Cancer Day, which was held in Europe House, Skopje.

The panel discussion is a continuation of the successful series of debates on healthcare topics, implemented with the support of the Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, and the EU Ambassador David Geer, in cooperation with the Club of Young Doctors.

Addressing those present at the event, the Wife of the President, Ms. Gjorgievska, said that in the fight against cancer, the adequate promotion of healthy habits, including the correct lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity, are vital. According to Ms. Gjorgievska, secondary prevention is also extremely important, and the state should ensure that everyone can undergo early screenings.

“It is extremely important that every woman and every individual has access to early screening because, as we all know, prevention, no matter how expensive, is still much less than the treatment itself. Not only in terms of costs, but it is extremely important to pay a lot of attention to the psychological aspect of cancer patients”, the President’s Wife said, adding that it is extremely important to treat the psychological aspect of these patients and their families because this is a disease felt by the whole family.

According to Ms. Gjorgievska, we must provide the most up-to-date therapy for people who are already affected.

“We all know that in recent months there has been a problem in the supply of therapy. That really must not happen, that is, those patients must receive the most modern therapy. Now we have innovative drugs that can do a lot”, the President’s Wife said.

At the event, representatives from health institutions and civil society and patients discussed access to treatment for cancer patients, access to services for early detection and other issues related to the conditions of this disease in our country, which are of crucial importance.




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